Sunday, February 25, 2024

Two block twills with multiple tie up opportunities

I'm a big fan of using a different tie up to alter the look of a design on my current warp.  I'm locked into my threading because I don't ever rethread for another design, but what I can do is change the tie up and the treadling to create a whole new look.
I started my experiments with two block twills after watching an episode of JST's School of weaving.  I suspect this episode was all about changing a profile draft into a two block twill and then weaving it on 8 shafts.  I used some of Jane's tie up suggestions and then looked for more.  I came up with many possibilities and will someday soon, weave a whole bunch of variations for towels.
In the meantime, since I haven't posted in a very long time, I'm giving readers of this blog some of my ideas.
Click on each photo for a larger view of the tie ups. 

  7/25/2024 I'm updating this post because something else occurred to me while talking about block twills at a weaver's meeting.  You don't have to abide by the four quadrant tie up approach I suggest in the drafts above.  Why not use an 8 shaft twill tie up?  Weave tromp as writ or change the treadling to a point.  For that matter, try other treadling sequences to see if any work!

This approach means you can put on a very long warp and weave many different designs - or if you don't mind changing tie ups during a piece, you could create a spectacular textile using several tie ups! 









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