Links I Don't Want to Lose

Winding yarn on a paper cone

Saori Fabric Cutter video

Color Theory

Links below are photoshop and elements liftplan design with Alice Schlein

Creating a good selvedge with deflected double weave

Making Paper Beads

Stuffer Warps

Source for metallic yarns

Lace Weaves Document

Designing Shadow Weave - The Powell System (to interpret the drafts and profiles in 1000+ Patterns book.)

Designing Shadow Weave - the Atwater System

Weighted Claw Temple

Lace by Hand

Calculating Sett


  1. Would you mind if I used one of your plaited twill drafts? I do sell my work. they are beautiful and I love plaited twills. I usually draft my own but a straight threading on shafts is irresistible! and I love the idea of the advancing twill threading.

    1. Just saw this comment today, Stephanie. Of course - all of the drafts that I publish in my blog are available for people to use. Most of them are already in public domain, but if I put it on the blog you may use it in any way you wish! Happy weaving.