Links I Don't Want to Lose

Winding yarn on a paper cone

Saori Fabric Cutter video

Color Theory

Links below are photoshop and elements liftplan design with Alice Schlein

Creating a good selvedge with deflected double weave

Making Paper Beads

Stuffer Warps

Source for metallic yarns

Lace Weaves Document

Designing Shadow Weave - The Powell System (to interpret the drafts and profiles in 1000+ Patterns book.)

Designing Shadow Weave - the Atwater System

Weighted Claw Temple

Lace by Hand

Calculating Sett


  1. Would you mind if I used one of your plaited twill drafts? I do sell my work. they are beautiful and I love plaited twills. I usually draft my own but a straight threading on shafts is irresistible! and I love the idea of the advancing twill threading.

    1. Just saw this comment today, Stephanie. Of course - all of the drafts that I publish in my blog are available for people to use. Most of them are already in public domain, but if I put it on the blog you may use it in any way you wish! Happy weaving.

  2. need more info to contact you for CNCH Hargrove manuscript study member of Santa Cruz Handweaver' have a fantastic website!