Inkle Loom Weaving Links and Bibliography

Helpful internet links for inkle weaving and pick up techniques

Good link for basic warping and weaving on an inkle loom

Clear instructions for warping a continuous warp inkle loom

Braiding Society in the UK

Yahoo Group with band weaving tutorials  send an e-mail to join

Laverne Waddington's excellent blog with instructions given for backstrap approach to pick up which can then be translated to the inkle loom.

Yahoo Group in Swedish with band graphs send an e-mail to join. You don't need to know Swedish to download the drafts from the group files.

Tutorial on pick up using a rigid heddle instead of an inkle loom.
And - another tutorial using the rigid heddle.

Latvian Band Weaving Using Lettering

Inkle LoomWeaving monograph from Daryl Lancaster

“Supplementary Warp Patterning - Inkle Loom Techniques” video with Jaquetta Nisbet. available here.

“Andean Pebble Weave” by Laverne Waddington, 2nd Edition can be purchased as a download

 Pick up on the inkle loom

Several detailed descriptions on basic and pick up weaving on the inkle loom.

Weavers Hand

Beginning Alternating Pick-Up

Beginning Inkle Loom Weaving

How to tie a knot that doesn't slip, yet releases when you pull the short end.  Excellent when starting your warp on an inkle loom and tying on new colors.  It's called a Highwayman's Hitch

Books on Inkle Loom Weaving - check for out of print books here.

Atwater, Mary. Byways in Handweaving. New York, 1954.

Bradley, Livinia. Inkle Weaving. Routledge & Paul, London, 1982.

Bress, Helen. Inkle Weaving. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1975, New York.

Brown Rachel. The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book. Alfred P. Knopf, 1978, New York.

Dixon, Anne and Madelyn van der Hoogt. The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves. Interweave Press, 2012.

Foulkes, Sue.  Sami Band Weaving. Self Published

Foulkes, Sue. Woven bands from Sweden. Self Published
Neher, Evelyn.  Inkle. Self Published, 1974, Guilford CT

Tidball, Harriet D. Weaving Inkle Bands. Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 27. Shuttle Craft Guild, Michigan, 1969.

Torgenrud, Heather. Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving. Schiffer Publishing,  2014, Atglen, PA.

Trotzig, Liv and Astrid Axelsson.  Weaving Bands. Van Norstrand Reinhold Company, 1974, New York.

Hints for Inkle Pickup
You can start your inkle on either an up or a down shed, but if you standardize it for yourself and always pass your shuttle from left to right on an up shed and right to left on a down shed, you will save yourself time and frustration in knowing what comes next.

Weave your pattern from the bottom of the graph to the top. Immediately move your marker up  after you have completed a row so that you will know where you are if you have an interruption.

If you have to unweave, loosen the weft thread at the side of the band and move it up the warp; then lift the threads holding both ends of the weft thread.  This will open the proper shed for you to back out your shuttle easily.

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