Friday, October 26, 2012

Draft for the fancy yarns

A friend of mine wanted to know how to use some handspun art yarns in weaving and I have often had a similar dilemma.  I have used the draft shown above many times and find that it has a multitude of looks depending on the yarns you use. 
Here is the way to use the draft with thicker fancy yarns and thin plain ones.  The warp is a smooth yarn and sett according to the grist of the yarn for plain weave.  The weft yarn shown in gray is either the same as the warp (can also be the same color) or finer than the warp.  Four shots of that in a half basket.  Then two shots of your heavier fancy yarn.  Of course, you will have two shuttles going.  The best way to do this is to start each shuttle from a different side of the warp so that the selvedges get picked up and the yarn not being used carries along neatly.
 The black and multicolored shawl above was woven with Noro  as the thin yarn and black rayon chenille as the heavy yarn.  Unfortunately, the chenille wasn't locked in well enough with a slick warp and has a tendency to worm.  Pretty - but not saleable. 
The red shawl was woven with  Sari Silk yarn as the thick and black silk for the thinner yarn.

Because the thick yarns are spaced out with four shots of plain weave in a fine yarn, the shawls are flexible and drape well. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the draft! I might try this out next month when I'm done weaving bunches of hound's tooth scarves!!