Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rayon Chenille "Skinny" Scarves

Variegated rayon chenille scarves -- two of em! I never do plain weave -- well almost never. But I decided that I had so much stash of chenille that I really had to do something with it. So, I consulted with Su Butler on Weavolution's Rayon Chenille Forum and she suggested 18epi. The warp was 6 yards in length and I had just about 1 foot of waste for the two scarves. Not bad. They are narrow and long. Weavolution lets me put down the details of projects - so here are the nitty gritties.

My biggest problem was the twisted fringe. I ordered Su's CD which is due out sometime this month (Understanding Rayon Chenille) and there are supposed to be detailed instructions on doing the fringe and an alternative which doesn't leave any little naked beards at the ends of the knots. For these scarves I decorated the fringe with beads which probably took more time than weaving them. Every time I had to rethread the beading needle, it took forever to find that tiny little hole.

So, the goal is to make quality chenille scarves with twisted fringe finishes that will hold up to washing and drying. I certainly have enough chenille to do a full scale study on the subject.