Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to Organize

I have accumulated an amazing amount of weaving information over my 15+ years of throwing a shuttle. Truefully, it isn't all that well organized as I found out today when I went on a search for the details of a piece of handspun tweed cloth I wove 5 years or so ago. I spent the better part of an hour looking in this binder and that and never came up with the pertinent details. Some of the details I can recreate -- the draft and possibly the number of ends, sett and length of the warp. But there are specifics that I can't remember and it is frustrating because I know I have them stored away -- somewhere!

I've been thinking about this dilemma for a while and have a plan. I have lots of binders full of woven samples from having participated in sample exchanges with Complex Weaver study groups for many years. Also there are lots of design papers written by members of the Computer Aided Design Group. So today I started on a big reorganization binge. Lace weaves were the first binder I tackled and now I've got my samples, my lace weave design papers and my own notes all in one binder. That was easy. Twills will have to go into multiple binders and are a bit more complicated.

All of these wonderful references are the most irreplaceable things I own (with the exception of family photos). It's satisfying to put them in good order.

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  1. Good luck, I belive that the work you have started is something we all have to do. We just ignore it for to long.