Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Network Twills

Cat that swallowed the canary look -- eh! This is the threading job -- 900 ends that I stretched out forever. But all went well -- no threading errors and the warp wove smoothly and relatively quickly. I did use a clamp temple system that I meant to photograph, but maybe next time I'll remember to take my camera to the studio.

This was actually the second shawl from the warp. I wanted a lace like look on the threading which was primarily intended for the green and gold shawl that follows. I guess it will have to be called mock lace, because there really aren't any lacy bits in the fabric -- just a very subtle pattern that changes in the light. The weft on this shawl was a cream color tencel.

This was the baby I was after when I did the design. It is almost too graphic, but I'm satisfied with it. The interesting thing is that because of the twill weave structure, this shawl had a shrinkage rate of 20% in width -- or about 4" more than the mock lace shawl did. Warp and weft are ring spun rayon.

It's quite long - and very luxurious. Hope it doesn't make a potential buyer dizzy
Now I've got three empty looms. I have plans for a silk shawl on one of the Baby Wolf looms and maybe another shawl warp on the AVL. This next AVL warp will be 9 yards, for three shawls. It makes for three generous length pieces. 6 yards makes one shawl a bit truncated for my taste.


  1. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. I do get a little dizzy of that shawl! But it is just amazing. All the best from a Swedish reader.

  2. Found you!!! Wow!!! These shawls are amazing!!! :)

  3. Stunning work - so glad I found your blog! I will be popping back again.