Digital Weaving Documents I Can't Live Without

The On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics has periodicals and books that you just can't buy.  And even though they look dated, there are some real gems for weavers.  I created this page so that I know where to find what I'm looking for.  If readers have other sources they think are great, please post something in the comments.

Drafts and Designs - this was a little newsletter written by Russ Groff of Robin and Russ.  I used to have a collection of these, but somewhere along the line, I must have passed them on to other weavers.  Now I have the complete collection at my disposal.  Drafts from 5 to 8 shafts and a woven sample.

Warp and Weft -  Again, a little newsletter with a four shaft draft and a woven sample.  Published for many years - therefore many samples and drafts.

Shuttle-Craft Bulletin was written by Mary Meigs Atwater starting in the mid 1920's, then Harriett Tidball and Mary Black wrote issues later on.  There is plenty of information here.

Weaver's Journal - I have quite a few of these in my magazine collection and from time to time when I'm researching a particular structure, I get them out.  Nice to know that they are now PDF files

Weaver - I was given a collection of these, but passed them on to a weaving library because I felt they were of historical value and wanted them to have a good home.  Now I can browse at my leisure.  Bill Koepp made a subject index which is really valuable.

Looming Arts - another newsletter with a woven sample and draft.  I need to spend more time with these, getting acquainted!

Master Weaver - A Canadian publication written by A. Zielinski.  Information on all aspects of weaving and weaving equipment

Grammar of Textile Design

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