Monday, March 28, 2016

Obsession with Braided Twills

In a weaving group that I belong to, one of our members brought a braided twill scarf for show and tell. Warp and weft were the same color, so the design was subtle, but very beautiful.  It started me on a search for simple braided twills that could be woven on four or eight shafts.  I have found a few and will add to this collection as I find more.
Here's a lovely four shaft version
I found this one in Carol Strickler's book of 8 shaft drafts #355

This one, or something very similar also appears in Carol's book, but it is part of a gamp.  Here it is using 10 treadles.

This draft is quite lovely and again only uses 10 treadles.

The advantage to this draft is that it is on a straight draw threading and straight treadling. I tried a treadling advance of four with this tie up which is shown below.

Unfortunately, this increased the float length to 6 in the warp direction.  Still, it might be nice in fine threads.


  1. I might just pinch the four shaft draft from you for my next project. Thank you!

  2. I really like the 4 shaft draft and it'll most likely be my next project... a definite make though... thanks for sharing... :)