Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sharing handwoven photos via the internet

amalgamated twill
Several years ago I discovered the world of online photo sharing.  I started out with a smaller site that was cosy and friendly, but often had technical problems.  Just about that time, Flickr opened its doors and people began migrating their photos there.  After initial resistance, I opened a Flickr account and started loading my photos there too.  One of the first things I noticed was that there weren't many groups dedicated to weaving.  Lots and lots of knitting groups - no weaving groups.  I took the plunge and opened one up and restricted the photos posted there to anything handwoven or about handweaving.  Pictures of looms, weavers, handwoven cloth, handwoven baskets, etc.  The group expanded slowly and now is a nice plump group of over 400.  I'm assuming most of the people that belong to the group are weavers, but I expect that quite a few just like looking at the wonderful things people are creating.  It's been a rather long time since I added any photos to the group, but that may change soon when I get some time to upgrade my textile photos with a brand new camera and a complete version of Photoshop!  I invite you to sit back with a cup of something warm and tasty and watch a slide show at the Handwoven site.  Should you feel inspired to show off your fine handwoven items, get a free Flickr account, join the Handwoven group and start posting!

BTW, my Flickr handle is Zip eye

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