Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild West Fair in Reno

Yesterday Igor and I took a jaunt to the Wild West Fair in Reno (formerly known as the Nevada State Fair) so that I could judge handspun yarns and items made from handspun yarns.  There were also a couple of needle felted items -- unfortunately no handwovens to judge this year.  It was a cool day -- and I mean cool!  Which actually was rather nice because Jen, my scribe and assistant for the judging, said that only a few days ago it was 105 degrees in the tent that houses the handspinning entries.

The quality of the items presented to me for judging was very high  and it was particularly hard with the handspun yarns to decide which skein should get a coveted blue ribbon.  It was made somewhat easier by means of a scorecard to assign points to a variety of criteria and I was in constant fear that I would give identical points to two yarns and then really have to make a choice between the two!

A big thanks to the group from Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers who arrange this event each year and made me feel right at home.  Without their support, I'm afraid the spinning events at the fair wouldn't happen.

Here is a little slide show from the photos I took.  I should have taken more - which is always the case because I left out some really nice pieces that deserved to be recognized. 

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  1. Thanks Beryl. I enjoyed the slide show, and I agree. The guild's promotion is what keeps those displays alive, and it's a small guild of about 40 members, and you know it's less than half that who keep that exhibit afloat.