Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Warp Down and One to Go

Well, am I ever going to get this blogging thing together? I posted this yesterday and tried to edit the spacing a bit this morning and lost the whole darn post. Here goes again. Above is a picture of a warp gone south. The tail end of the napkin and sample exchange warp went very wrong and you can see the results with all of the weights hanging off the back of the loom. Luckily, I had finished everything that was necessary and it wasn't too much of a pain to weave slowly and carefully the last few inches of warp.

This is a shot of the backside of the cloth. I like it better than the right side -- the structure obscures the stripes a bit, making the whole thing a bit more subtle.

This is the right side of the cloth. The weft colors from left to right were black, fuchsia, clay and steel blue. Each of them brought out the color striping differently -- well duh!

This is another shot of the back side of the cloth. I used one space dyed thread for several stripes and it undulates nicely through the cloth.
Now that this warp is off the loom, I have been working in my studio downstairs and have finished threading the 900 ends for a shawl warp. It needs to be sleyed and then I'll see how my wonderful design really looks. I am always apprehensive before I start to weave something that I want to turn out particularly well. Usually my best pieces are unanticipated successes.
Apologies to Valerie who posted a nice comment on my blog that got deleted. Deleting her comment was not a way to make new friends!

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