Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Early Weaving Manuscript Samples & Napkin Warp

Every year I participate in a sample exchange through Complex Weavers. The idea is to use a draft from a weaving manuscript no more recent than the early 20th Century. This year a new manuscript was added to the Handweaving net, so I picked this draft to weave. Not wanting to waste an entire warp on samples, I'll weave my napkins for our discussion group exchange on the same warp.

I'm always looking for creative ways to use up small amounts of yarn without my warp looking like garbage. The beauty of this draft is that it is striped using two different weave structures. I used a red brown for the main 6 shaft stripe and then fished out 7 more cones of contrasting colors for the narrower two shaft stripes. Winding was made more difficult because the sett is 24 epi and the color repeat is 10 ends. The warp is all wound, but not yet beamed so I'll see how well I did with the color sequence once I get to the threading.

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